La abeja y la orquidea

Mientras vuelo por la selva
buscando alimento, buscando amor
estoy arrestado de repente,
por la vista
de tu forma curvada
por la escencia
de su aroma inequivoco
Me vuelo hacia ti, anhelo...
por las gotitas de felicidad
robadas desde el dia sin fin
solo mucho mas tarde
note el resplandeciente polen amarillo
pegado a mi...
como sangre

One night stand (spider song)

That night, at first, you were so angry to hear me
you didn't care who I was, mate or prey
But as you listened to my gentle strumming
you liked the tune I was singing
slowly peace settled on the web
sounds coalesced into visions
of love of togetherness
of a world devoid of loneliness

That night, we met for the first time
If only I could trust my skill
in keeping the spell unbroken
I would have stayed.


Like the ancient star namers
I too thought
That the brightness of your star
meant that you were
very close to me

But, years later,
After they invented telescopes & such,
I realised, with sorrow, that
We are not even
in the same galaxy.

afternoon love

Old haunts but we be new people
familiar tunes but different flutes
A series of moments, garlanded, threaded by "nice";
smiles from the wells of eyes;
and games of guessing, half wishes...
Afternoon gentle sun; million blues crash against the shore,
strands of her hair, mingle with the spray.

Warmth, intense, intimacy, cosy as cats
as close as a strangler fig, as all pervasive,
songs of our lives, the small steppingstone stories
a declaration-a kiss-a pleasant half asleep silence to race canoes on
with words gently dipping ""plop"" into this
murky twilight riverside world

Discovering a skull

Yet another dawn to fill the void
by scraping fragments of the shifting earth
(fingers bathed in gentle dust)
I seek but a hint
if only a secret mirror-twisted clue...

My scalpel brushes away the surface
to reveal a skull. A feline skull.
Eyeless, it gapes at me- eternal and mocking
my meagre efforts to seek its identity;
its place in my time.
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