I see you gazing too often
at the labyrinth of the world
The walls are whispering;-
calling you into the world
We've all heard that clever voice
We've all stood in this very place

But still, you say,-
'I wont get lost,
I'll find my way
Already I can see the steps
of the route I will take'

But hold on to the shining thread
No matter how dense the world
Keep your heart on the shining thread
And perhaps, someday,
when the walls run thin
I'll meet you on the other side.

a map

Sometimes, fate, that whimsical goddess
shows you a map
to keep you from wandering
too far beyond her ken.

Mine's made of marble
with rivers of gold
with cities of black gems
and lakes as azure as the sky

The chart is my comfort
though the lettering is all foreign
and the land- one I've never been.
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