[dedicado a Claudia]

She said
she couldn’t put it
on paper or in english
why she had to leave.
She sent me a tape
filled with her voice

sometimes, I dig out my walkman
and the tattered earphones
and listen to her foreign words
but all I need to hear is
the silence inbetween.


Blogger airy voices said...

why is the title figure/ground?

1:17 PM  
Blogger dinesh said...

hi WTVL!
Thanks for dropping in. The title is figure/ ground because its an allusion to a visual system. You can only see something because of the contrast it makes with the background. Here, the voice is the figure and the silence is the background, but since the voice is in a foriegn language, one has only the background to go with. Hope that helps!

12:27 PM  

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